Dynamic rich media component for ASP.Net Flash, Video, Audio, FlashVideo and ToolTip / Balloon Help controls for C# and VB.Net

Skinning the ASPNetFlashVideo FLV Player

ASPNetFlashVideo provides a robust user interface for FLV video playback with a neutral user interface.

Through experience we have noticed a regular need for developers to rebrand and skin video players.  We have adopted an Adobe standard to make this easily possible for ASPNetFlashVideo.

Custom FLV Skins

Downloading and Creating FLV Skins

ASPNetFlashVideo can be skinned using Adobe FLV Playback Skin technology.  These can easily be developed using Flash 8 or above.

Many sites offer free FLV skin downloads including www.flvskins.com

Applying FLV Skins

Once you have found your skin it can be used by adding it to you ASP.NET website project and then pointing to it using the SkinURL property of your ASPNetFlashVideo WebControl.