Dynamic rich media component for ASP.Net Flash, Video, Audio, FlashVideo and ToolTip / Balloon Help controls for C# and VB.Net

ASPNetFlashVideo for ASP.NET

The ASPNetFlashVideo Component allows you to add YouTube style Flash Videos (.flv files) to ASP.Net websites. ASPNetFlashVideo requires no Flash programming and is unique:

  • ASPNetFlashVideo is a completely skinnable (demo, tutorial) Flash Video player for ASP.NET
  • Your users will never have to see the annoying "Click to activate and use this control" message.
  • Flash Videos are embedded as Search-Engine-Optimized, WAI-Accessible, XHTML-Compliant Controls for the first time in ASP.Net.
  • Supports FullScreen mode through a double click or the context menu.
  • All script and XHTML markup created by ASPNetFlashVideo is encrypted, creating a blanket of security over your video files.
  • Comprehensive support is on call to guide you through every step of your trial and integration process, and will remain readily available throughout the life of this product.

Flash Video can be encoded easily using free tools provided by Riva and Adobe.

With ASPNetFlashVideo you can build a completely custom user interface using ASPNetMedia Button and Playlist Controls or with our JavaScript API.

Proceed to Download the ASP.Net Flash Video Control Proceed to Download the ASP.Net Flash Video Control